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…so we easily interact with your multi-level, matrixed organization, including Sales, Product, Implementations, Customer Service, etc.

Plus, we actually enjoy navigating
through compliance regulations, corporate branding guidelines, and complex approvals processes.

Greg genuinely loves great marketing and has since he was just a child. Seriously…in addition to playing “Cops and Robbers”, Greg regularly set up a marketing firm on his front porch! The company’s name was — and now is — “Manko Marketing Inc.”

Greg Manko

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

In addition to building and running his own practice for more than six years, Greg’s full-time experience has been with firms such as CFA Institute, EY (Ernst & Young), DXC Technologies, Deutsche Bank, and MetLife.

Greg’s MBA is from New York University — Stern and his BA is from Marietta College.

About the Logo

Designed to represent the steps of the front porch where young Greg initially founded his marketing firm, the logo illustrates the progressive action of always moving onward and upward. Not coincidentally, the lines also resemble a double set of M‘s.

Greg Manko


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