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Focused exclusively on B2B financial services & FinTech, Manko Marketing brings simplicity, boldness, and impact back into the way your products, services & solutions are promoted.

Greg Manko has loved great marketing since he was a child. In addition to playing “Cops & Robbers,” he regularly set up a marketing firm on his front porch!

Greg and his team work closely with marketing executives just like you to make their professional lives easier & more fun.

Yes, I Want to Reclaim My Creativity

Reclaim Your Creativity to Advance Your Career

Based on LinkedIn research, the single most in-demand soft skill in 2019 is “creativity.”

“And that isn’t surprising – organizations everywhere need people who can innovate and conceive fresh ideas and solutions.”

B2B financial services marketers can use this as an opportunity to revitalize & reinvigorate their creativity, including improving in the other four skills:


Creativity helps you be more convincing, which gives you an edge with project approvals, and more.


Enhance partnerships and teamwork via creative ways to get more done, faster, all while enriching relationships.


Flex quickly and easily to ever-changing conditions, using uncertainty to your advantage.

Time Management

Ingeniously create more time in your life by approaching concepts differently.

Whatever You Need, We Can Help

Below is a brief overview of our capabilities. Not sure where to start? What’s the project that would make your life easier if you could only get it off your desk?

Branding & Messaging

Launching a new product or service? Time for a clean look and feel? Ready for a complete revamp? We can help bring your brand to life.

Promotional Campaigns

Stand out from the competition and ensure your products and services get noticed in unexpected ways.

Sponsorship & Events

Reach new audiences, shine in a new light, and move up to the next level. Impress clients and partners while improving your bottom line.

And More…

Marketing strategy, visual identity, internal & external sales campaigns, case studies, writing, editing, proofreading, design, internet/intranet sites, advertising, project management, idea generation, concept development, brainstorming sessions, media relations, client training, creative coaching, team building, public-speaking coaching…

Our Clients & Their Compelling Campaigns

Below are a few of our favorite campaigns. Of course, NDAs ensure confidentiality of project specifics.

Client Testimonial Recruitment

Designed program for Top-10 global bank to accelerate authorized testimonials. Ten branded case studies achieved in under three months.

Custom Icons

Created 30 unique icons to represent Healthcare Payments services of a Top-20 global bank. Finally, a consistent look and feel across all materials.

Enhancing Readability

Formulated and implemented new content strategy for the transaction services division of Top-20 global bank. The concept reintroduced simplified language, bulleted lists, plus fresh graphics and photography.

Winning Clients and a Contest

Revamped client-facing cash management Internet site for Fortune-10 international bank. It increased traffic exponentially and won Best Bank Award from Web Marketing Association.

Circular Diversity

Devised a 401(k) diversification campaign featuring materials, all in the shape of a circle, for Top-5 U.S. health-care corporation. Led relatively-young participant base to move 10% of assets from most conservative option to more aggressive funds…in just eight weeks.

E-Learning Promotions

Created animated character owl that visually branded a completely voluntary, global e-learning system for a Fortune-10 international bank. Resulted in course-enrollment rates of 20%, vs. 5% e-learning industry average.

Visual Identity

Developed cohesive visual identity for transaction banking unit of a Fortune-10 international bank. Refreshingly identified “boring” products & services using movement of light, water, and mechanical objects.

Innovative Sponsorship

Forged exclusive partnership for Fortune-10 international bank with largest US treasury association and major business consultancy. Created first-ever comprehensive, cross-industry treasury-management benchmarking study.

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Who is Greg Manko?

As founder of Manko Marketing, Greg brings over 20 years’ experience in marketing director and head of marketing roles for leading financial services organizations, including MetLife, Deutsche Bank, EY, and CFA Institute.

Based on first-hand experience, Greg understands marketing in multi-level, matrixed organizations. This includes building relationships across multiple departments, partnering with compliance/legal, and taming complex approvals processes.

Manko Marketing was founded with the mission to bring simplicity, impact, and even fun back into the way products, services, and solutions are promoted in the financial services industry. Greg’s unique process includes working closely with Marketing Directors, Heads of Marketing, and CMOs to provide them with the support, skills, and resources they need to be successful in their roles.

This refreshing approach has been key to Manko Marketing being trusted as the go-to agency for clients such as Chase, Citibank, HSBC, and J.P Morgan—plus many others—over the past 10 years.

We Understand

We “used to be you”…so we easily interact with your multi-level, matrixed organization, including Sales, Product, Implementations, Customer Service, etc.

Plus, we actually enjoy navigating through compliance regulations, corporate branding guidelines, and complex approvals processes.

More About Our Company

Focused exclusively on B2B financial services & FinTech, Manko Marketing brings simplicity, boldness, and impact back into the way your products, services, and solutions are promoted.

About Our Logo

Designed to represent the steps of the front porch where young Greg initially founded his marketing firm, the logo illustrates the progressive action of always moving onward and upward. Not coincidentally, the lines also resemble a double set of M‘s.

Ready to Advance Your Career?

Get 6 Tips to Reclaim Your Creativity