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Reclaim Your Creativity

Focused exclusively on B2B financial services & FinTech, Manko Marketing brings simplicity, boldness, and impact back into the way your products, services & solutions are promoted.

Greg Manko has loved great marketing since he was a child. In addition to playing “Cops & Robbers,” he regularly set up a marketing firm on his front porch!

Greg and his team work closely with marketing executives just like you to make their professional lives easier & more fun.

Yes, I Want to Reclaim My Creativity
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6 Tips to Reclaim Your Creativity to Advance Your Career

Being More Creative also Helps You Improve in LinkedIn’s Other Top-5 In-Demand Soft Skills


Creativity helps you be more convincing, which gives you an edge with project approvals, and more.


Enhance partnerships and teamwork via creative ways to get more done, faster, all while enriching relationships.


Flex quickly and easily to ever-changing conditions, using uncertainty to your advantage.

Time Management

Ingeniously create more time in your life by approaching concepts differently.

Ready to Advance Your Career?

Get the 6 Tips to Reclaim Your Creativity

Who is Greg Manko?

Based on over 15 years’ experience in senior marketing roles for organizations such as MetLife, Deutsche Bank, EY, and CFA Institute, Greg understands your world. His refreshing approach of making your B2B marketing easier and more fun has made Manko Marketing as the go-to agency for clients such as Chase, Citibank, HSBC and J.P Morgan.

We Understand

We “used to be you”…so we easily interact with your multi-level, matrixed organization, including Sales, Product, Implementations, Customer Service, Compliance, Legal, etc. Plus, we actually enjoy navigating through compliance regulations, corporate branding guidelines, and complex approvals processes.

Ready to Advance Your Career?

Get the 6 Tips to Reclaim Your Creativity