Tip #1

Creativity in Financial Services Firms – If not Us, Who?

According to Ted Moynihan, Managing Partner and Global Head, Financial Services, at Oliver Wyman:

Over the last 10 years, the Financial Services industry has fought its way back to relative health.

But, in the meantime, the techniques used to create new customer value have dramatically changed and the Big Tech industry is dominating customer mindshare and reaping the rewards.

It’s time for Financial Services to learn and react, or continue to watch value shift to other parts of the economy.

How can marketers help with this?


What used to be almost a dirty word in a traditional & restrained industry must now come forward, full-force…

Why do people love Big Tech/FinTech so much?

It’s different

It makes things easy

It addresses pain points

And it does all that in a way that is relatable, open, accommodating, and even fun.

What drives innovation? Creativity.

If we as marketers can’t be creative, who can?

Clients and customers want it

Your energy will be revitalized

The rewards are substantial

One Simple Action Item:

Ask yourself, “What’s one small way I can encourage more creativity in my organization?”

See you soon for Tip #2!

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