Tip #4

Good Marketing Can Make You Happy

Having been interested in marketing since I was just five years old—seriously—for as long as I can remember, good marketing has made me happy.

My joy with a genuinely relevant and creative campaign often physically manifests itself as a smile on my face and a warm feeling all over.

  • Good marketing truly can be that “good.”
  • And, it almost always turns out to be effective, too.
For a consumer product example, think about Coke’s polar bear commercials and the classic “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” campaign.

You might even have a smile on your face right now.

In financial services, one that most comes to mind as nearly perfect is “Priceless” by Mastercard.

That started over two decades ago, in 1997. According to CMO Raja Rajamannar, its success is due to “a universal human truth: experiences matter more than things”.

Other standouts include:
  • “Citi never sleeps”: Citi.
  • “Talk to Chuck”: Charles Schwab.
  • Animated characters in insurance: Snoopy for MetLife, the Geico gecko, and the Aflac duck.
Snoopy, MetLife
Citi Never Sleeps
The Geico Gecko
Talk to Chuck, Charles Schwab
The Aflac Duck

One Simple Action Item:

Ask yourself, “What’s one example of ‘good’ marketing that makes me happy that I could apply to one of my projects or campaigns?”

Tip #5 will be on the way soon!
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