Your Marketing Consultant as a Therapist?

Recently, I asked a favorite client which of my services she valued most highly. Her answer surprised me:

“Honestly Greg, I feel like I can tell you anything. Think about it: We have a longstanding relationship, you’re not involved in all the office politics, we’ve gotten to know each other through both good projects and ‘bad’…and we even have a Non-Disclosure Agreement!

“It’s kind of like you’re my ‘marketing therapist’.”

When I thought about that, it really made sense.

  • The world of B2B financial services marketing involves both internal and external clients who are among the most demanding in the world.
  • Every product, service, and solution deals in some way with money. And money sometimes makes people a little wacky.

When the pressure is on, it’s always helpful to confide in someone. Now and then, it’s even more calming when that person is connected to you, though doesn’t work directly for your company.

In short, sometimes having a place to vent could be the best service a consultant has to offer.

I Understand

As noted in this video, I kind of/sort of “used to be you”—or similar to someone in your area.

That was in full-time roles at companies such as CFA Institute, Deutsche Bank, EY, and MetLife.

Now, more than ever, it’s vital to “Reclaim Your Creativity”. Why?

  • Because it can genuinely help you get things done.
  • You’ll discover inventive ways to save time, be more efficient, delegate more effectively, and demonstrate your true value.
  • Then, you can focus on more important activities, such as development, advancement, and being viewed as a marketing expert.

Way to be Extra Bold!

You’re one of the few people who dare click on that button to reach this page. So, here’s a special package that builds on the series to help you truly “Reclaim Your Creativity”—fast-track style.

Unlimited Access to Your Very Own Creativity Consultant for 30 Days

1. Inspiring Insights

  • How are you feeling, creatively?
  • How you can achieve your objectives by leveraging LinkedIn’s #1 soft skill of 2019.
  • How reaching your goals will make you feel and what impact that will have on your life.

“Manko Marketing is fast, knowledgeable, reliable — and they appreciate our quirkiness.”

— Top-10 Global Bank CMO

2. Reliable Recommendations

  • Including specific suggestions, tangible actions, potential resources, and more.
  • Save time, be more efficient, delegate more effectively, and demonstrate your true value.
  • Make your marketing easier—and more fun.

No vendor onboarding required

3. Effortless Engagement

  • No vendor onboarding.
  • Seamless scheduling.
  • High-value at a relatively low-cost…
  • …that potentially could be charged to your corporate card…
  • …possibly as an education or research expense.
What would you like to see happen next?

Ready to Reclaim Your Creativity?

Unlimited access to your very own creativity consultant for 30 days

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